The biggest game of the year is here — and it's hilariously messy

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a demonic skyscraper piercing the clouds of Melbourne!

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This fall I’ll be teaching Intro to Games Journalism at NYU. Back in 2014, I designed the course for NYU Game Center and taught a semester. I moved to Texas the following year and couldn’t logistically continue the course. But now the world is remote, sooooooooo I’m back — at least for this semester.

I’ve needed my free time this weekend to finish prep, which means I won't have a meaty Postgame introduction. I did take a moment, however, to fiddle with the presentation of the newsletter. I think the revised format is easier to scan, plus the simplified design leaves room for more links. Win-win.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is literally the ‘biggest’ game of the decade

Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 10 | Xbox
Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Epic / Apple / Google feud, cont.

FreeFortnite Cup Official Rules

Three games to play



Spiritfarer is the rare video game about death that isn’t centered on killing. Early reviews sound promising:

Microsoft Flight Simulator

It’s a little buggy and at times quite opaque (I recommend Polygon’s guides) but the game is achieving something I’d assumed impossible: a believable topographic recreation of our planet. This game wouldn’t exist without a rare and precious mix of technology that only a company like Microsoft has, can afford, and is willing to bring together for little more than our entertainment. Microsoft’s taken a handful of swings at technological breakthroughs with hardware like Kinect and Hololens, and they’ve whiffed. This week, they hit a home run. Good for ‘em!

The reviews agree:

Rogue Legacy 2

The game is very much in Early Access, missing a majority of its levels, but if you really enjoyed the original Rogue Legacy, here’s what you need to know: The sequel is more of what you loved about the original.

Three stories to read

Rob McElhenney and Charlotte Nicdao in Permadeath (2020)
Mythic Quest

Three videos to watch

An Animal Farm video game that’s genuinely promising

Nerial via Twitter

One of my fave critics spent a lot of time with that Fast and Furious game

Writing on Games via YouTube

Do some video games “design themselves?"

Game Maker’s Toolkit via YouTube

Free Game of the Week



Saam Pahlavan and M. James Short, SaamSoft

If the GIF hasn’t already sold you, then read this zero-spoiler synopsis from the game’s Steam page: “You play as Saam preparing to get ready for a trip. Explore the anxieties of his nervous mind, thwart your excessive body hair with the use of your powerful shaving gear, and don't forget to brush your teeth!”

The best of the rest…

Roblox surpasses Minecraft with 100 million monthly players - The ...


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