What to read and watch before you play the Tony Hawk remake

And wait a moment, is the Avengers game actually good?

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A shortlist of things to know before you play the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater remake:

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The end of a perfect, little game studio

Strange days at the old guard

  • IGN China has returned, this time as a partnership between IGN and video game publisher Tencent. According to a report on gamesindustry.biz, “IGN China will be editorially independent from the rest of the Tencent Group. This is no doubt to assure there will be no bias given the stakes Tencent has in multiple major games firms.”

  • But, also…

  • IGN’s business model has spread the brand across a staggering 29 international divisions, making it a turnkey solution for marketers who hope to make a big, simultaneous announcement across the world. An outpost in China will presumably be beneficial to IGN’s entertainment division, as China becomes increasingly influential in both producing and distributing films.

  • IGN wasn’t the only old guard publication in the news for unusual partnerships: on Tuesday, GameSpot tweeted a custom promotional video for the National Guard, along with a link to the Guard’s website.

Five games to play

Marvel’s Avengers

After a disastrous E3 2019 reveal and a befuddling marketing campaign, Marvel’s Avengers has been getting pretty okay reviews. I’ve played the first couple hours of the campaign, and: It’s charming! Plus, it looks great. The final art is a significant improvement from that early demonstration and its “like the movies but not” character designs.

  • The full game opens with a very young Kamala Khan, who’s not yet gained her Ms. Marvel stretchy powers, attending the A-Day celebration in San Francisco with her father. She’s part of a group of kids who won a trip in an Avengers fan-fiction contest, which is very on-brand for Kamala.” (Mike Fahey, Kotaku)

  • “Every looter struggles in the early days, and it would be naive [to] think a studio that’s never made a game of this type before would nail it right out of the gate. That being said, it’s already in way better shape than I ever expected it to be at launch, and, most critically, the combat — particularly in multiplayer — is an absolute blast. I’m hopeful, and I’ll be sticking around to see where things go from here.” (Eric Switzer, TheGamer)

Marvel’s Avengers is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

Crusader Kings III

Are we seeing formerly “niche” genres go mainstream because fans and critics alike have more time at home during the pandemic to try new things? Or perhaps because these games are available on Xbox Game Pass?

Crusader Kings III is available on Steam and Xbox Game Pass PC.

Tiny Hook’s Pro Scooter 1 + 2

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

  • “Raji’s a shortish game but a very rich one - the sheer scale of environments and the sense of adventure is properly intoxicating. More than anything I was left with gratitude: this game gave me a window into another culture and I want to know more.” (Christian Donlan, Eurogamer)

Raji: An Ancient Epic is available on Switch, and will hit PC, Xbox One, and PS4 later this fall.

Paradise Killer

I haven’t had a chance to play this just yet, but I’m digging the Steam synopsis:

  • “Paradise Island, a world outside reality. There’s been a murder that only ‘investigation freak’ Lady Love Dies can solve. Gather evidence and interrogate suspects in this open world adventure. You can accuse anyone, but you’ll have to prove your case in trial to convict. It’s up to you to decide who’s guilty.”

Paradise Killer is available on PC and Switch.

Three videos to watch

Spot the difference: flight simulator edition

I can’t tell you what this game is, but I’d like to play it ASAP.

What if… Digimon had beaten Pokémon?

Four stories to read

The best of the rest


  • Sports are very, very good.

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