The video game flood has begun

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How are y’all holding up with the election on the horizon?

More than usual, I’ve been cooking to mitigate stress. My latest recipe recommendation is stir-fried sticky rice cakes. They’re gooey and warm and perfect for fall weather. Have any favorite meals or drinks of your own? I’d love to hear them!

Three games to play

A glowing rift from Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth

Developer: Frictional Games / Publisher: Frictional Games


Developer: Nolla Games / Publisher: Nolla Games

The Red Lantern

Developer: Timberline Studio

Three stories to read

Five videos to watch

  • Good Morning America produced a commendable story about racial harassment in the video game community:

  • Should a mod always improve a game to make it “better?”

  • Here’s a year-old video that’s new to me. What a pleasure to see people simply chatting in the same room:

  • Another smart deep dive into the architecture of video games and what it communicates to the player:

  • I’ve been waiting for somebody to provide SportsCenter-style updates on the weekly Blaseball lore dumps. This is the best example I’ve seen so far:

The best of the rest


But what do you think?

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That’s a wrap. See y’all next time. Wear a mask!