The penultimate big game of 2020 could have been smaller

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Inventive art direction, derivative title.

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Twas the week before Cy’punk, and all thro’ the house,

Not a gamer was stirring, except for their mouse.

Oh who am I kidding, twas loud as a horse,

I dared to load Twitter and saw the discourse.

The PCs were ready, put together with care,

All drenched in Hue lights, aside gamer chair.

Yes it won’t be delayed, the timing is right,

So book a day off and play through the night.

Two games to play

Immortals Fenyx Rising


Three stories to read

Three videos to watch

  • The ocean of video games is so deep you will never reach the bottom.

  • This is one of a handful of recent touching recaps of a bad year and the good games that helped us get by.

  • And dear reader: if you watch one YouTube video this month, please make it this gem from Pat Gill.

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